The centre of the world in the middle of the forest

Written by Erika

I was on my way to Tvind in an old mini bus, with a group of strangers and a dog that was sitting on my lap the whole 24 hour journey, we were speeding through dusty roads, some people were going to work in fish factories, others were escaping jail sentences or just going to pay a visit to their relatives. We all had different stories, but we were all heading to Denmark to meet our destiny and mine was to join a university in a middle of the forest.

We reached Tvind early in the morning, the rain was pouring lightly and there was no one around it almost felt like a dust ball will soon come out from around the corner. Within a few moments my future team mates came to greet me and from that moment I started to make my way to the inner world of Tvind.

After some time the sun came out and so did the people. Rubbing their eyes after a long night sleep they were preparing for action. There was an open house in Tvind with all kinds of activities, markets and live music in few different languages. At the same time I had my preparatory weekend during which I realised that indeed it is a real university and not just a group of tribal people dancing around the fire and sharing ancient knowledge as I imagined before I got here.

I have been here now for two months with my team mates who are from many different countries and backgrounds that have become a family in this very short time we were singing songs with teachers from Africa, dancing with volunteers from South America or just sharing banana pancakes by the fire place with a colleague from Albania, we are even organising a concert now, where nearly hundred musicians will come and perform world music.

Yes this place is truly surrounded by trees and fields and yes we do grow our own carrots at the same time discussing all kinds of things: from what is happening in the world to how the starts collide in the universe.

Nature is our inspiration, the shade of the trees is where we can relax, the waves of the sea is where we can escape for a while and think, but when we come back to our classrooms we are citizens of the whole world. We learn, we create, we discuss and most important we experience, we put hands on our knowledge, we touch it, and we squeeze it we can even tickle it if we dare and then we share it with others. And these are the moments when it feels like we are in the centre of the world which is in a middle of forest.


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