Reasons to join DNS (part 1)



‘In DNS we are challenged to be activists, to have initiative, to have ideas about what we can do to change the world to a better place and put that ideas in action.’

Mykolas J


‘This program is not only giving a sheet of paper which says that you achieved bachelor degree in pedagogy but also it gives you an opportunity to develop as a person, to gain knowledge in many different areas such as cooking, building, painting, taking care of students from the care home, working in a group, planning your time efficiently as well as studying a lot of different things throughout the program.’



‘Together we are powerful and together we can make world a better place to live. Everything is possible and all of us have the same goal – fight with the global problems, poverty and war.’



‘To join DNS you don’t have to get a student loan. You don’t have to get onto a debt. We live in an ever-so-increasing world of debt, which, naturally, makes people worry and depressed. In DNS there is no such thing. During the program, you and your team will have saving up periods in which you’ll be earning money for your team economy. From this team economy you will have budgets, which will cover all of your necessities such as: the program, food and transport and also pocket money.’



‘In these 4 years of program (including saving-up period) you can develop yourself so much in many different kinds of areas. You learn many things about the world, people and especially about yourself. I have been here only for 4 months and I don’t know if I could have learned everything I have learned so far somewhere else.’


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