Climate Change – Malawi (by DNS’14)

Next year our team will travel to Africa. We will travel by bus and hitchhike. We will investigate the things that are going on in this continent, and bring our stories back to Europe, to share with you.

At this moment team DNS’14 is in Africa. One of the things they investigated was the effect of climate change. Watch their video: 

Malawi is facing the consequences of climate change today. During our stay in Malawi we witnessed many people adopting to and fighting climate change. Malawi is losing forests day by day, making the climate more severe – more droughts, more floods, unstable rain season. In January 2015 thousands of people had to leave their homes and farms due to the flooding, leaving their houses, belongings and harvests to be washed away. However, this change is not only due to deforestation in Malawi, green house gasses mostly emitted by the developed countries is the main cause of the situation in Malawi today. Global warming needs global attention!

DNS – The Necessary Teacher Training College
Investigation group: Justas, Sander, Gita


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