FRAMES: No Alcohol, No drugs

Written by Marina

DNS is an alternative school where everybody counts. This means that every new student who comes into the school is able to participate in the decisions taken and this means that they have freedom of speech and the chance of improving things. But at the same time it means a lot of responsibility. There is just one single rule that is unbreakable: no alcohol, no drugs. But this is directly related to all this responsibility.

As we all know both alcohol and drugs are addictive. Addicted people might take decisions because their addiction and not because they think it is the best for the group. You might think that not everybody who drinks or like getting high is and addicted. This is true, but where is it the line? How can you know you are deciding things because it is the best or because you actually need a bit of that? Things change really fast and the difference is a really thin line. Experience taught the school that people do not really recognize this line so to protect all the students they decided to put this unbreakable frame.

Furthermore during the program you travel to a lot of different countries and both alcohol and drugs are seen in different ways on those countries. For example, in some African countries you might get arrested for smoking weed and being arrested in Africa is not a joke. Also, on those travels you are in some extreme situations where you need to keep your mind clear to react properly. You also need to be able to discuss with your teammates and still see the common interest. You cannot allow yourself to have a hang over or to be in a bad mood because of last night. Most drugs are depressing when their effects are over and this puts your energy away. And this is really bad for the community because it might cause the aims not to be reached.

This last part it is not just when traveling but it could be applied always. You are always part of a team and you are always trying to reach some goal together. You will have a lot of tasks everyday and you need to be ready for them every morning. This is impossible to match with getting drunk or high.

But don’t worry even there is no alcohol and drugs we can still party 😉



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