Hitchhiking from Lindersvold to Tvind

Written by Annelies

This weekend is a study weekend for our team. We come together in Tvind and we discuss the this that are important to the team in this saving-up period. We talk about economy, jobs, upcoming events, personal issues and so on. We also play sports, make music, play games, and occasionally organise a party. It is good to get to know eachother before the actual program starts. And it’s fun!

But my saving-up job is in Lindervold: 500 km from Tvind. During the winter period I took the train (7 hours at least!) or I was able to find rides with teachers going in the right direction. Today there were no rides on offer. And I really did not feel like taking the train. And the sun was shining… So I hitchhiked! 🙂


09:30 – Bye Lindersvold!


10:45 – In a cement-truck on the way to Ringsted


12:00 – Waiting for my next ride in Slagelse – Odense is getting closer


12:20 – Crossing THE bridge – where did the sun go?


14:20 – When we passed Vejle my driver missed the right exit, so we decided to take the scenic route


14:30 – the view gets even better, and there is the sun as well!


16:00 – Home!!


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