24 Delicious and Easy No-Alcohol Cocktails

In our DNS program we stick to a frame of no alcohol and no drugs. We have several reasons for these frames. For one, our program is simply too demanding to get wasted every weekend. Another reason is that we work closely together with students who have serious issues with alcohol and drugs. You can find out more about our frames here.
‘But then what do you drink when you have a party?’ Well, you don’t need alcohol to have fun. But yes, alcohol free can be quite boring. Again the diet coke or orange juice… With summer on the way we wanted to find some more exciting non alcoholic drinks. Luckily buzzfeed.com made this nice list for us.
Cheers!! Or as we say in Denmark: Skål!! 🙂

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Memories of my first experiences in Tvind.

(written by Mykolas Kulakauskas)


It was at the end of August 2014. I packed my bag, kissed my friends and family goodbye and set off on a 1400 kilometre hitch-hiking trip from Lithuania to Denmark, to Tvind, in the middle of nowhere. Over about four days I caught rides from around 13 cars and walked over 30 kilometres. Here I was in Denmark, one of the happiest countries in the world, with its perfect social security system, its moist weather and its short summers. It was something that I had never experienced before. And so was my new home, Tvind. Continue reading

Hitchhiking from Lindersvold to Tvind

Written by Annelies

This weekend is a study weekend for our team. We come together in Tvind and we discuss the this that are important to the team in this saving-up period. We talk about economy, jobs, upcoming events, personal issues and so on. We also play sports, make music, play games, and occasionally organise a party. It is good to get to know eachother before the actual program starts. And it’s fun!

But my saving-up job is in Lindervold: 500 km from Tvind. Continue reading